The Team Behind Monkify

Wapp is the second WordPress theme developed by the Monkify
team. We consist of Dalton Hurd (designer), and Ayrton De Craene
(developer). Together we work hard to provide unique high-end
themes that offer a level of customizability not seen from many theme
developers. Wapp is definitely a testimate to this. It’s a theme built
primarily for iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry phone app developers.
However, it can be used as any type of business portfolio.

Dalton Hurd (designer)

Dalton is a 20 year old web designer who has 8 self-taught years of experience, and is always trying to push himself for higher standards in design. He has been designing WordPress themes for nearly 3 years now.

Ayrton De Craene (developer)

Ayrton De Craene is a 21 year old developer who is primarily experienced with XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby and PHP. However, he’s always working hard at bettering his development skills and learning new programming languages.