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How To Create A Meeting Invitation On Your BlackBerry

There is an easy way to create a meeting invitation using your BlackBerry calendar application…here’s how:

  1. In the Calendar application, click  your “Menu” button, and choose “New Appointment”;
  2. Fill in all the required fields;
  3. Click the “Menu” button again and choose “Invite Attendee”, for those with OS 6, you can click on the button that looks like 2 people at the bottom of the screen;
  4. Click a contact or click on “Use Once” and type in the email address of the proposed meeting attendee;
  5. Repeat step 4 to add other people as attendees to your meeting;
  6. You can check to see if attendees are available by clicking on the “View Availability”, if some are not available, click on the “Next Available Time” to see the next time that all attendees are available;
  7. Click the “Menu” button and select “Save”, or press the back/escape key and choose “Save” when prompted.

Let us know if this helped you, and if you have any other tips on using the Calendar application.


5 Easy Shortcuts For Your BlackBerry® Calendar

The BlackBerry® calendar is a great application that we all use a lot. But having to click in the “Menu” button to make any kind of changes just slows me down. Fortunately there are some good and easy short cuts….here are few:

To Change Views:

Press “W” to change to Week view;

Press “M” to change to Month view:

Press “D ” to change to Day view;

Press “A” to change to Agenda view;

Press “C” to create a new calendar event;

For these shortcuts to work you need to turn off the ‘Enable Quick Entry’ setting in the Calendar options. Here is a picture of what that looks like :