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Lost Your Apps? You Can Get Replacements

The most common email we get to our support desk is from people that have lost apps they purchased and they want to have them replaced without having to buy them again. This happens sometimes when you upgrade the device Operating System without a back-up of the 3rd party apps, or you get a new device entirely.

There are ways to get replacements for your apps that you have purchased without buying them again.

If you purchased your apps form BlackBerry App World, then open up App World and go to “My World” (the button on the far right of the App World main screen),  click your device Menu button and select “LOG IN”.  After you LOG IN (using your paypal log in information), all the apps you purchased should be there for re-installation.

If you bought the app from another site,  log into your account on that site, if necessary update your new device  information which will include your new device PIN number, you will then be able to get your apps re-sent to you for download and installation.  Most sites have policies on the number of times you can get your apps sent to new devices you get.

If you have difficulty with this process then you should contact the support team at the site you purchased the apps from.

  • July 16, 2010
  • Tips