When you are on a web page on your BlackBerry Browser in Operating System 6.0 you will notice two new icons on the top right of the window, a Globe and a Tab (the one that looks like two sheets of paper over each other). These are two great tools that are now part of the new BlackBerry Browser.

  1. The Globe is a quick link to many browser tools, such as Bookmarks , Subscribe to RSS feeds, Send Page Address. With one click you get access to the most commonly used tools.
  2. The Tabs are like what is in most computer based browsers. Click on the Tabs icon and you can quickly and easily set up tabs, remove tabs, and switch between tabs.  Once you create tabs a number will appear over the Tab icon, telling you how many tabs you have set up. This is great tool for quick switching  between web sites.

Do you have any tips for the new BlackBerry Browser in OS 6? Leave them as a comment and we will publish the best of them.