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JaredCo Gears Up for Launch of Blackberry 10 OS by Announcing Free Wallpapers for BB10 and Playbook

We are gearing up for the launch of the new Blackberry 10 OS in a few weeks, today announcing that our exceedingly popular free wallpapers will be available for BB10 and the Blackberry Playbook.

Research in Motion has said it will launch at least six BB10 devices this year. Our recent survey of 6,000 of its customers using our Blackberry apps revealed that nearly 70 percent of the survey respondents said they plan to buy a BB10 when they are ready to replace their current BlackBerry smartphone.

Our unique free wallpapers automatically scale the wallpaper for each device. Our free wallpaper app for the current Blackberry smartphones is among our most popular.

With mobile devices an essential part of daily life, more and more people seek to personalize them as an extension of their personalities.

With The Jared Company wallpapers, select a “look” from dozens of options, and it can be completely customized—including pattern and color. New wallpapers are added frequently.

“We are putting the design in designer smart phones,” said JaredCo CEO Steve Kader said. “We are excited to make this popular app for BB10, as our survey also demonstrated that Blackberry users consider the availability of apps important in purchasing a new BB10.”

Other features of the wallpaper:

  • Thumbnails are low resolution to minimize data transfer for those who pay for data.
  • It doesn’t change shape or distort the image like other BlackBerry wallpaper apps.
  • It syncs with a couple of clicks and a tap in just minutes.

Visit Blackberry App World to download the free app.

JaredCo Releases Three New Blackberry Playbook Games

We have released three new game apps for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet to challenge and entertain children and adults – two video games, Box Blaster and Hungry Snake™, and a word game, Wordzle™.

“All three are perfect for passing time while waiting for a plane or appointment, on long car rides or just for the pure entertainment they provide anywhere you happen to be,” said Steven Kader, chief executive officer of The Jared Company.

The new game apps sync instantly after download, so they are immediately ready for play and are simple to learn. Each game challenges users to increase their skill and advance to new levels. The first three levels of Box Blaster are free. An upgrade opens access to 15 additional levels. Hungry Snake and Wordzle each cost 99 cents.

Box Blaster, with 18 levels of difficulty, helps children develop eye-hand coordination as they use the game’s slingshot to knock down wooden crates from platforms. The game keeps older players’ minds sharp as they calculate arc, speed and other knock-down strategies.

Players choose from varying skill levels, enabling younger and beginning players to ease into the game as they learn and master the game. Players play against the clock to earn valuable time bonuses and increase their scores as they knock down the crates in less time.

In Hungry Snake, a player’s snake grows longer as it eats each bite of food. But if the snake hits the edge of the screen or nips its own tail, the game is over. However, a quick tap of “New Game” starts the player on a new quest to improve his score.

Hungry Snake becomes more challenging and entertaining at each level, and players win time bonuses as they improve their game play. Players may choose to play at various skill levels to vary the challenge.

Wordzle offers varying levels of difficulty, appealing to young players just learning their ABCs and all the way to the most seasoned word game aficionados.  The game tracks players’ progress, helping  young and old alike expand their vocabulary or even practice English as a second language.

The game features a simple player interface. Players tap the screen to create their best words, earning bonus points for faster times, longer words and moving letters to lengthen words.