BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is a fantastic application that most BlackBerry user take advantage of. It’s faster and easier then sending emails or text messages. I have set up many contacts and groups in my BBM…losing this info would be a headache to replace. Fortunately BBM does provide you with a few ways to back up and restore your BBM information, which can includes your contact lists, profile settings, and group membership. Here’s how:

  1. Open your BBM and click your Menu button, and select “Options” then scroll down to the section that deals with  “Back Up Contact List” or “Back Up Management”;
  2. You can choose to “Back Up Files Remotely”….. here you will be asked to input (or confirm) the email addresses associated with your BlackBerry. Your contact list and changes to that list will be saved automatically as well as your BBM profile settings and any BBM Group memberships you have;
  3. You can also choose to “Back Up Files Locally”…this will save your contact list, profile settings and information on your BBM Group memberships on either the local device memory or any Micro SD (media)  card you have in your BlackBerry;

I suggest you work through this simple tip and set up your BBM to back up your important BBM data remotely. This way if you have to replace your BlackBerry, or do an operating system upgrade,  or wipe your data from your Blackberry,  you will quickly  get your BBM up and working again with minimal effort. If you do not see this option for remote backup in your BBM then you need to download the latest version of BBM from this link:

Are you a BBM user? Let us know if you have any great BBM tips that we can pass on to our readers.