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Here’s An Easy Way To Save Or Send Pictures You See In Your BlackBerry® Browser

With the new BlackBerry Operating System 6.0, saving and sending pictures you come across on the internet is simple.

Find a picture you like, put your pointer on it, press and hold the track pad. If you have the Torch you can use your finger to press down on any picture. A menu will pop up that will ask whether you want to send or save the photo.

How simple is that?

What other neat feature for OS 6.0 have you found? Leave a comment and we’ll publish the best.


Here Is The Best Way I've Found To Hold My BlackBerry® Torch

I have been using the new BlackBerry Torch for a while, and I was having a hard time adjusting to this new device. I came from a BlackBerry Bold 9000, with a Track Ball and keyboard. I tried the Storm with the virtual keyboard, but never really got good at typing on it. I figured the Torch would be the best of both worlds.

In my early days with the Torch I was always fumbling with it, sliding out the keyboard to type seemed to be slowing me down, and I was pressing stuff on the screen that I didn’t intend, and generally not satisfied.

I was at the recent BlackBerry Devcon conference, and I noticed all the RIM people had Torches, and all of them immediately slid out their keyboard in the same motion as pulling it out of their holster or pocket. So I decided to copy the experts.

Now whenever I pull out my Torch I always slide the keyboard out in the same motion. This allows me to use the Track Pad right away (my preferred way of navigating on the BlackBerry), I’m also ready to type, and I can use the touch screen for certain functions if I want. For me, this is the best way to maximize all 3 ways of interacting with this device.

Even when I am sitting at my desk I have the Torch next to me with the keyboard slid out….ready for action.

How do you hold your torch? Leave a comment and let us know.


Is The Text Too Small In Your BlackBerry® Browser?

The native BlackBerry® browser does provide a “zoom” function to make the text on a web page larger.

The easiest ways to zoom in is to press the trackball if you see a magnifying glass on your screen, or just press the letter “i” on your keyboard.

You can also click your “Menu” button when you are in the browser and select “Zoom In”.

But using the “Zoom In”, and  increasing the size of the text of the web page will often push the text outside of the screen. To solve that problem, press the letter “Z” and the text will then be formatted to fit your screen to make reading easier.

To “Zoom Out”, you can simply press the letter “O”, or you can click your “Menu” button  and select “Zoom Out”. This tip applies to all Operating Systems that are 5.0 or lower.


5 Easy Shortcuts For Your BlackBerry® Calendar

The BlackBerry® calendar is a great application that we all use a lot. But having to click in the “Menu” button to make any kind of changes just slows me down. Fortunately there are some good and easy short cuts….here are few:

To Change Views:

Press “W” to change to Week view;

Press “M” to change to Month view:

Press “D ” to change to Day view;

Press “A” to change to Agenda view;

Press “C” to create a new calendar event;

For these shortcuts to work you need to turn off the ‘Enable Quick Entry’ setting in the Calendar options. Here is a picture of what that looks like :

Yes….Your BlackBerry Does Have A Speaker Phone!

This past weekend I was sitting with a friend and we wanted to make plans with another friend, so I pulled out my Bold 9000 and called him. I then put the call on speaker phone so we could all talk at the same time. The friend that was with me got this crazy look in his eyes. After the call I asked him what the problem was and he told me he’s had a Bold for over a year, and never knew the device had a speaker phone.

Almost all BlackBerry models have a speaker phone, and the button is in the same place on all of the non-touch screen BlackBerrys. The speaker phone button has a picture of a red speaker and it is over the “$” (dollar sign) key to the right of the letter “M”. On some models the color of the speaker phone picture is grey.

To activate the speaker phone, simply press the speaker phone button while you are on any call.

For the Storm models, during a phone call press the menu button and select “Activate Speaker Phone”.