This past weekend I was sitting with a friend and we wanted to make plans with another friend, so I pulled out my Bold 9000 and called him. I then put the call on speaker phone so we could all talk at the same time. The friend that was with me got this crazy look in his eyes. After the call I asked him what the problem was and he told me he’s had a Bold for over a year, and never knew the device had a speaker phone.

Almost all BlackBerry models have a speaker phone, and the button is in the same place on all of the non-touch screen BlackBerrys. The speaker phone button has a picture of a red speaker and it is over the “$” (dollar sign) key to the right of the letter “M”. On some models the color of the speaker phone picture is grey.

To activate the speaker phone, simply press the speaker phone button while you are on any call.

For the Storm models, during a phone call press the menu button and select “Activate Speaker Phone”.