Full Battery

Everyone wants to maximize the life of their battery and still use the phone in a normal way.

Most tips talk about changing simple settings like backlight timeout and wifi or bluetooth settings.

I'm here to tell you that those are not the real problem and they are just guesses.

As an engineer I like data to backup what I say. I spent 3 months doing actual tests with a real BlackBerry in all kinds of conditions to see what really hurts the most.

This lead to a better understanding of what can really be done to conserve energy, and I was surprised by what I learned.

This will be the first in a series that explains the big battery killers, what you can do, and some other techniques.

#1 Battery Hog is Surfing the Internet

Sounds obvious but the research shows that surfing will drain your batter around 30% per hour.  

Have you ever sat at an appointment and surfed for an hour?  Noticed how hot the BlackBerry gets?  

At the end of that hour your battery will be down big time.  

Since I know how much this really hurts I need to think about when I'll be able to charge again.

Stay tuned for the Part II where we'll see what the #2 and #3 look like.

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