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New BlackBerry Desktop Software Released This Week For MAC and PC

RIM has updated its Desktop Manager software for both MAC and PC. Desktop manager is used on your computer when you plug your Blackberry into your computer with a USB cable. Desktop Manager is very useful software for backing up your BlackBerry, syncing your emails/contacts/calendars/music/photos/videos. It is always best to have the latest versions of the Desktop Manager. Here is brief outline of the changes made to each, with links to download the software (from the release notes provided by BlackBerry).

For MAC:

  • Version
  • Support for BlackBerry 6 devices
  • Switching Devices Wizard – this is a big bonus as previous versions  of Desktop Manager for MAC did not have this feature
  • Media Sync & WiFi Music Sync

Here is the link to get  the latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager for your MAC:

For PC:

  • Version
  • Easy-to-use, updated interface: BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 features an updated interface and user-friendly menu that allow you to simply connect, synchronise, manage and update your BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Built-in BlackBerry Media Sync: Transfer your favorite media files to and from your BlackBerry® smartphone. Import your desktop iTunes or Windows Media® files and carry your music, photos and videos with you wherever you go.
  • Easily manage your applications: Keep track of the applications you use the most or don´t use as often on your BlackBerry smartphone. Add and remove applications, games, and much more.
  • Update your smartphone software: Keep your BlackBerry smartphone software up to date and running smoothly with automatic alerts that prompt you when updates are available.
  • Synchronise your organizer: BlackBerry Desktop Software is compatible with Microsoft® Outlook®1, Windows® Calendar, IBM® Lotus Notes®, and Yahoo!®. Keep your organizer information in sync so you don´t miss a thing.
  • Switch smartphones: Changing to a new BlackBerry smartphone? Use the device switch wizard to migrate from one BlackBerry smartphone to another.

Here is the link to get  the latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager for your PC:

Let us know if you have any comments about either of these new releases of BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

How To Confirm An Email Sent From Your BlackBerry Was Received

If you are sending an email and you definitely want to know it was received by a BlackBerry on the other end, then here is a quick tip:

  1. Type in <confirm> or <$confirm> in the Subject line of your email and you will receive a confirmation email back confirming when your email was received by a BlackBerry on the other end.

This is a great feature for one-off emails that are important, that you know will be received on the other end by a BlackBerry, and can give you peace of mind.

Is confirmation of receipt for your emails an important feature for you? Let us know.


Do You Know The Full Power Of The BlackBerry End Call / Red Button?

The BlackBerry End Call / Red Button (to the right of the Track Ball/Pad) is more than just for disconnecting a call and turning your phone on and off.

  • When you are in any application, you can press the End Call / Red Button and you will be taken back to your main screen.
  • You can then use any other application.
  • When you click on the application you left when pressing the End Call / Red Button you will be taken back to exactly the same place you were when you left that application.
  • This tip works only when you are not on a phone call.
  • Please remember that if you are ever on a phone call and you press the End Call / Red Button the call will be disconnected.

Here Is An Easy Method For Getting Information About Your BlackBerry

Here are a few shortcuts in finding information about your BlackBerry that you might need to pass on to other people. In any mesage screen, type the following, then a space:

  • mypin – this will insert your BlackBerry PIN, this is handy when setting up new contacts in BlackBerry Messenger;
  • mynumber – this will insert your phone number;
  • myver – this will insert your BlackBerry model number and Software Version.

An Easy Way To Create Playlists From The Music On Your BlackBerry

Here’s a quick and easy way to creat music “Playlists” on your Blackberry music player:

  1. In the media application click “Music”
  2. Click “Playlists”
  3. Click “New Playlist”
  4. Click “Standard Playlist”
  5. Type a name for the Playlist;
  6. Press the “Menu” key;
  7. Click “Add songs”
  8. Click on any song you want to add to the Playlist, and the song will be added automatically;
  9. To add more songs repeat steps 6-8.
  10. When you are finished press the “Menu” key and click “Save”.

Do you use your BlackBerry as a music player? Let us know.


4 Tips For Taking Better Picutres With Your BlackBerry Camera

Here are some ideas to help you take better pictures with your BlackBerry camera:

  1. Hold your BlackBerry as steady as possible: This will prevent blurring and any shutter lag or slower shutter speed. Hold your breath while taking pictures, or lean against a solid object to keep you steady.
  2. Make sure you have lots of light: The blackberry camera performs much better in situations with more light. The built in flash (included in most BlackBerrys) is only really useful for lighting an object or person who is already close to where you are.
  3. Use “Large” picture size and “Superfine” Quality: This will ensure you take the highest quality pictures at all times. You can always reduce the size of the picture later from your computer. You can set the Large and Superfine settings in the Options settings of your camera (open your camera, click the “Menu” button,  select “Options”).
  4. Use GeoTagging: This allows the BlackBerry to include your exact GPS coordinates in  each picture taken (this feature is only available on BlackBerrys that have  GPS) . Your friends can easily find out where the picture was taken. Turn on Geotagging either in the Menu list of your camera, or in the Options settings of your camera (open your camera, click the “Menu” button,  select “Options”).

Please let us know if you have any other tips to taking great pictures on your BlackBerry, we’ll publish the best ones we receive.


Here Is A Method To Auto-Dial Phone Numbers With Extensions

Do you have a contact in your contact list that after dialing their number you have to type in an extension number? Did you know BlackBerry can do this for you automatically? Here’s how:

  • When entering a phone number that requires and additional extension number, the BlackBerry interprets an “X” as a pause.
  • So if the number is 604-555-7777, extension 123, enter the numbers in your contact record as 604-555-7777 X 123.
  • When you choose to dial this number, the BlackBerry will dial the number, then pause, then dial the extension numbers after the “X”.

Do you have any other phone tips? Let us know and we will publish the best ones.

How To Add Photos Links For Your Favourite Contacts To Your BlackBerry Home Screen Using Operating System 6.O

We are finding some great new features in the  BlackBerry Operating System 6.0.

You can easily add photo links to your favorite contacts directly to your Home screen for easy access. This works best if the  contacts you choose already have pictures set up for them.

  1. Open your Contacts folder and search for the contact you want to add to your Home screen;
  2. Click the BlackBerry Menu button and select “Add To Home Screen”.
  3. The contact, with it’s picture, will now appear on your Home screen.
  4. On your Home screen, put the cursor on the picture for the contact, press your BlackBerry Menu button,   all the ways to reach that contact will be in the menu list for you to choose from.

I use this feature a lot. I have a group of people I contact all the time, and this tool  makes it simple for me to choose how I want to contact these people. I also love having pictures of my favorite contacts right on my main screen…it is a great way to personalize my BlackBerry  and it provides great functionality as well

Please leave a comment to let me know if you have tried this function and what you think about it.

Have any other OS 6.0 tips? Let us know be leaving a comment, and we will publish the best.


Here Is The Best Way I've Found To Hold My BlackBerry® Torch

I have been using the new BlackBerry Torch for a while, and I was having a hard time adjusting to this new device. I came from a BlackBerry Bold 9000, with a Track Ball and keyboard. I tried the Storm with the virtual keyboard, but never really got good at typing on it. I figured the Torch would be the best of both worlds.

In my early days with the Torch I was always fumbling with it, sliding out the keyboard to type seemed to be slowing me down, and I was pressing stuff on the screen that I didn’t intend, and generally not satisfied.

I was at the recent BlackBerry Devcon conference, and I noticed all the RIM people had Torches, and all of them immediately slid out their keyboard in the same motion as pulling it out of their holster or pocket. So I decided to copy the experts.

Now whenever I pull out my Torch I always slide the keyboard out in the same motion. This allows me to use the Track Pad right away (my preferred way of navigating on the BlackBerry), I’m also ready to type, and I can use the touch screen for certain functions if I want. For me, this is the best way to maximize all 3 ways of interacting with this device.

Even when I am sitting at my desk I have the Torch next to me with the keyboard slid out….ready for action.

How do you hold your torch? Leave a comment and let us know.


Lost Your Apps? You Can Get Replacements

The most common email we get to our support desk is from people that have lost apps they purchased and they want to have them replaced without having to buy them again. This happens sometimes when you upgrade the device Operating System without a back-up of the 3rd party apps, or you get a new device entirely.

There are ways to get replacements for your apps that you have purchased without buying them again.

If you purchased your apps form BlackBerry App World, then open up App World and go to “My World” (the button on the far right of the App World main screen),  click your device Menu button and select “LOG IN”.  After you LOG IN (using your paypal log in information), all the apps you purchased should be there for re-installation.

If you bought the app from another site,  log into your account on that site, if necessary update your new device  information which will include your new device PIN number, you will then be able to get your apps re-sent to you for download and installation.  Most sites have policies on the number of times you can get your apps sent to new devices you get.

If you have difficulty with this process then you should contact the support team at the site you purchased the apps from.

  • July 16, 2010
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