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Highly Rated WeatherTrax App is Now Available for BB10

JaredCo’s WeatherTrax, the highest-rated weather app on Blackberry® World™, is now available for the the new Z10 smartphone.

WeatherTrax is a free app with new features for the Blackberry 10 OS, including faster speed, smoother searches and the optional function to update BBM™ personal messages with current weather.

For up-to-the-minute forecasts, WeatherTrax uses Weather Online, a very accurate weather reporting service. Other features include:

  • The display shows a detailed forecast for the current day and the weather forecast for the next five days.
  • WeatherTrax can use the BlackBerry® GPS for real-time weather reports for the user’s current location.
  • The user has the option to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
  • Locations can be stored and easily deleted later.
  • A convenient drop-down menu provides current weather conditions for locations world-wide.

WeatherTrax is available for free at http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/12603.

We also recently announced that our exceedingly popular free wallpapers are available for BB10 and the Blackberry Playbook. We will soon be announcing numerous other BB10 apps.


The New BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930

We just returned from the Blackberry World Conference in Orlando where the new Bold 9900 / 9930 was introduced. This new Bold is based on the original Bold 9000, which at the time was my favorite device since it had a wide screen and great keyboard.

I had an opportunity to test the new Bold with the new OS 7 and I was very impressed with it. Like the old Bold 9000 it has a wider screen and great keyboard, but it is now much thinner, with a high resolution screen that is a touch screen.  The touch screen and full keyboard are a great combination…the best of both worlds. This new Bold records and plays high definition video, and is just loaded with excellent features. The new OS 7, which is a step up from OS 6,  is a clean looking interface and operated very well. This new Bold is fantastic and will make existing and new BlackBerry users very happy. Here are some of the features on the Bold 9900 / 9930:

  • Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Touch Screen Size: 2.80 inches
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • 8 GB of on-board memory
  • 720p HD video recording
  • 5 megapixels camera with:  Auto focus, Image stabilizer, Face detection, Digital zoom, Geo tagging, Effects, Scenes
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi®
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • a built-in compass
  • Operating System 7.0 (which is based on OS 6.0 and not the new OS used in the Playbook).

Let us know if you plan on getting this new Bold 9900/9930.


Here's A Quick Way To See What Apps Are Using Your Battery

There are times when I notice my battery is draining faster than normal. Fortunately the BlackBerry Operating System (OS) 6.0 provides a great tool to see what applications are using the most of my BlackBerry CPU, and likely decreasing my battery life.

  • Click on the Wrench/Options on your main screen.
  • Choose “Device”.
  • Choose “Application Management”.
  • Scroll the screen over to the right by one screen.
  • The next screen should be titled “CPU”.
  • Put your cursor over the words “CPU” and press the trackpad, then change the “Now” to “Today”.

You will now see what apps have been using the most processing power for today. Perhaps you will be surprised, and maybe an app you don’t use very much is running all the time in the background, and you can now try to close it down.

I was surprised to find out that a particular app I had was using the most CPU even though I had not actually used that app, it was just running in the background. Since the app could not be effectively closed I had to delete it because my battery was draining way too fast.

After running this test did you find anything surprising? Let us know.

  • April 5, 2011
  • Tips

Screen Grabber – Our Newest App Now Available For Free

We have just released our newest app – SCREEN GRABBER.

Screen Grabber is the ultimate screen shot/capture application for BlackBerry devices. With Screen Grabber, send a map or directions to your best friend, or send your icon screen with a couple of clicks to share with family and friends. There´s nothing quite like Screen Grabber and free is always good. Real good.

o Screen Grabber ads a menu item in all your Blackberry menus for quick and easy access to take screen shots.

o With a single click take a screen shot of your Blackberry screen. Tap. Done.

o Email that screen shot to anyone, anywhere, any time.

o Screen Grabber stores all your screen captures in a new file called Screen Grabs. Want to see your contacts list from a month ago? Easy. If you grabbed a screen shot of that important client´s phone number, it´s in the file labeled Screen Grabs, right where we put it for you.

o Screen Grabber is the only “screen-shot” app that we are aware of that can take a screen shot from within your Browser on OS 6 .0 devices.

o Screen Grabber saves the screen shots in a small size (usually less then 50kb), making it easier to email and save your screen shots.

o Want to send a map or directions to your technically-impaired friends? It doesn´t get any easier than click and send with Screen Grabber.

o Organize your Blackberry Screen Grabs in a single place – one folder holds it all in an “at-a-glance” format.

o So simple to set up, Screen Grabber does it all for you. Download and you´re good to go.

App icons, maps, tools, contacts, addresses – JaredCo´s Screen Grabber makes it a snap to grab a screen shot, send it or store it for use down the line.

And best of all, Screen Grabber is totally free so it costs you zip. But, like all JaredCo apps, it delivers real functionality that enhances your Blackberry experience.

You´ve got nothing to lose and lots of utility to gain. Like all JaredCo apps, we design them, we build them and we support them. Even the FREE ones.

Get Screen Grabber from BlackBerry App World:


  • February 18, 2011
  • Apps

Win A BlackBerry® Torch Holiday Sweepstakes from JaredCo

We wanted to end the year with a bang…and what better way to do it then by giving away the latest and greatest BlackBerry device!

The Sweepstakes winner will win a Blackberry Torch 9800.


Refer your friends for a chance to win a second Torch. The more friends you refer, the more chances you have to win the second Torch. If the winner is referred to our sweepstakes by a friend and enters the referring friends name into their entry form, then the referring friend also wins a Torch!

To enter the Sweepstakes:

  • Click on the Sweepstakes banner at the bottom of this page.
  • Or go to http://www.facebook.com/JaredCo and  click on the Sweepstakes tab;
  • “Like” the JaredCo facebook Fan Page (you will be;
  • Complete the short entry form.
  • Refer your friends for a chance to win the second Torch.

The Sweepstakes entry period ends January 19, 2011 and the draw will be held on the January 20, 2011. So enter now, and refer as many friends as you can, this will increase your chances of winning the second Torch.

Good luck to everyone!


New BlackBerry Desktop Software Released This Week For MAC and PC

RIM has updated its Desktop Manager software for both MAC and PC. Desktop manager is used on your computer when you plug your Blackberry into your computer with a USB cable. Desktop Manager is very useful software for backing up your BlackBerry, syncing your emails/contacts/calendars/music/photos/videos. It is always best to have the latest versions of the Desktop Manager. Here is brief outline of the changes made to each, with links to download the software (from the release notes provided by BlackBerry).

For MAC:

  • Version
  • Support for BlackBerry 6 devices
  • Switching Devices Wizard – this is a big bonus as previous versions  of Desktop Manager for MAC did not have this feature
  • Media Sync & WiFi Music Sync

Here is the link to get  the latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager for your MAC:   http://us.blackberry.com/apps-software/desktop/desktop_mac.jsp

For PC:

  • Version
  • Easy-to-use, updated interface: BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 features an updated interface and user-friendly menu that allow you to simply connect, synchronise, manage and update your BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Built-in BlackBerry Media Sync: Transfer your favorite media files to and from your BlackBerry® smartphone. Import your desktop iTunes or Windows Media® files and carry your music, photos and videos with you wherever you go.
  • Easily manage your applications: Keep track of the applications you use the most or don´t use as often on your BlackBerry smartphone. Add and remove applications, games, and much more.
  • Update your smartphone software: Keep your BlackBerry smartphone software up to date and running smoothly with automatic alerts that prompt you when updates are available.
  • Synchronise your organizer: BlackBerry Desktop Software is compatible with Microsoft® Outlook®1, Windows® Calendar, IBM® Lotus Notes®, and Yahoo!®. Keep your organizer information in sync so you don´t miss a thing.
  • Switch smartphones: Changing to a new BlackBerry smartphone? Use the device switch wizard to migrate from one BlackBerry smartphone to another.

Here is the link to get  the latest BlackBerry Desktop Manager for your PC:   http://us.blackberry.com/apps-software/desktop/

Let us know if you have any comments about either of these new releases of BlackBerry Desktop Manager.


Having Trouble Running Apps You Downloaded? Here Are Some Tips

Getting a new app for your BlackBerry should be a pleasant experience.  Here are some things to consider after you have downloaded an app:

  1. After you download and install an app the icon for the app would be placed in either  your Downloads folder,  Applications folder  (which are on your main screen), or it will be  placed on your main screen.
  2. If you will be using the app a lot, then you can move the icon to your main screen for quicker access:  highlight the icon, click your menu button, select “move to folder” then select “home”. The icon will then be on your main screen.
  3. You can also set the app to be activated by one of the “convenience keys” on the side of your BlackBerry. Click your wrench/options…choose “Screen/Keyboard” then scroll down to the section dealing with the convenience keys. If you have OS 6, click your wrench/options…click “Device”…then click “Convenience Key”
  4. To run the app click on the icon and follow any instructions that the app may provide. It´s a good habit to click on the Blackberry Menu button once an app is open to see what, if any, menu items the developer may have added, such as help or support, or a way to contact the developer.
  5. If the app does not work, it is possible that you did not accept the “permissions” required to operate the app. You can set the permissions to “allow”  after you have installed the app as follows:
  • For Operating System 4.6 and higher..but not 5.0: Click on your wrench/options…choose “Advanced Options”…then choose “applications”…highlight the name of the app…click your “menu” button…choose “edit permissions”…then change all the permissions to “Allow”
  • For Operating System 5.0: Click on your wrench/options…choose “applications”…highlight the name of the app…click your “menu” button…choose “edit permissions”…then change all the permissions to “Allow”.
  • For Operating System 6.0: Click your wrench/options…choose “Device”…choose “Application Management”…highlight the name of the app…click your “menu” button…choose “edit permissions”…then change all the permissions to “Allow”

If you  are still having  problems with any app you purchase then you should check if  the developer’s web site  has any on-line support such as a FAQ page or a Knowledge Base that you can review.

If you can not find this information then you should contact the developer´s support group by email. When contacting the developer you should try to be specific about what the problem is, what model BlacBerry you have, what level Operating System you have, and where you bought the app from.

Two Great New Features In The BlackBerry Browser With OS 6.0

When you are on a web page on your BlackBerry Browser in Operating System 6.0 you will notice two new icons on the top right of the window, a Globe and a Tab (the one that looks like two sheets of paper over each other). These are two great tools that are now part of the new BlackBerry Browser.

  1. The Globe is a quick link to many browser tools, such as Bookmarks , Subscribe to RSS feeds, Send Page Address. With one click you get access to the most commonly used tools.
  2. The Tabs are like what is in most computer based browsers. Click on the Tabs icon and you can quickly and easily set up tabs, remove tabs, and switch between tabs.  Once you create tabs a number will appear over the Tab icon, telling you how many tabs you have set up. This is great tool for quick switching  between web sites.

Do you have any tips for the new BlackBerry Browser in OS 6? Leave them as a comment and we will publish the best of them.

How To Add Photos Links For Your Favourite Contacts To Your BlackBerry Home Screen Using Operating System 6.O

We are finding some great new features in the  BlackBerry Operating System 6.0.

You can easily add photo links to your favorite contacts directly to your Home screen for easy access. This works best if the  contacts you choose already have pictures set up for them.

  1. Open your Contacts folder and search for the contact you want to add to your Home screen;
  2. Click the BlackBerry Menu button and select “Add To Home Screen”.
  3. The contact, with it’s picture, will now appear on your Home screen.
  4. On your Home screen, put the cursor on the picture for the contact, press your BlackBerry Menu button,   all the ways to reach that contact will be in the menu list for you to choose from.

I use this feature a lot. I have a group of people I contact all the time, and this tool  makes it simple for me to choose how I want to contact these people. I also love having pictures of my favorite contacts right on my main screen…it is a great way to personalize my BlackBerry  and it provides great functionality as well

Please leave a comment to let me know if you have tried this function and what you think about it.

Have any other OS 6.0 tips? Let us know be leaving a comment, and we will publish the best.

Here's An Easy Way To Save Or Send Pictures You See In Your BlackBerry® Browser

With the new BlackBerry Operating System 6.0, saving and sending pictures you come across on the internet is simple.

Find a picture you like, put your pointer on it, press and hold the track pad. If you have the Torch you can use your finger to press down on any picture. A menu will pop up that will ask whether you want to send or save the photo.

How simple is that?

What other neat feature for OS 6.0 have you found? Leave a comment and we’ll publish the best.