Now You Can Control Your BlackBerry Remotely From Your Desktop

We have been using Pocket Controller Pro For BlackBerry, made by Soti Inc. to make the videos you see on our blog, and for many other functions. Pocket Controller allows you to control your BlackBerry from your desktop. This is a great app if you want to demonstrate something on your BlackBerry to a wider audience, if you want to make a video of your BlackBerry in operation, or to take a screen shot of your BlackBerry. You can even choose which BlackBerry “skin” you want the app to use when showing your BlackBerry on your computer. Here is a list of some of Pocket Controller’s features:

  • Remote Control – View and control your BlackBerry from your desktop to enhance quality and productivity.
  • Training and Presentation Tools – Display your BlackBerry in real-time in either a projector or web presentation via your PC.
  • File Explorer Tool – Browse the files system of your PC and BlackBerry simultaneously.
  • File Synchronization – Automatically or manually synchronize your data files (e.g. pictures, videos, documents) between your PC and your BlackBerry.
  • Screen & Video Capture – Capture screen shots as well as record videos of your BlackBerry in operation.

Pocket Controller Pro has a free trial,  click HERE to get more information about this great product.

Let us know if  you have ever needed to remotely control your BlackBerry for making any kind of presentation.

Tip For Your BlackBerry Browser

Here’s a quick tip for faster typing of URLs in your BlackBerry browser:

When you are typing a URL you don’t have to type periods (dots). Just hit the space bar and the BlackBerry will replace the space with a period.

Let us know if you have any other shortcuts for your BlackBerry Browser and will publish the best ones.

One Great Tip For Reviewing Your Emails With BlackBerry OS 6.0.

When you are reviewing your emails with OS 6  you can go back to the previous email or forward to the next email without having to return to your message folder.

In an open email, simply swipe the track pad, or use your finger if you have the new Torch,  either to the left (forward) or to the right (back) and the previous or next email will scroll into view for you to read and deal with.

Have you found any new tools with OS 6 for your emails? Let us know by leaving a comment and we will publish the best one.


Having Trouble Running Apps You Downloaded? Here Are Some Tips

Getting a new app for your BlackBerry should be a pleasant experience.  Here are some things to consider after you have downloaded an app:

  1. After you download and install an app the icon for the app would be placed in either  your Downloads folder,  Applications folder  (which are on your main screen), or it will be  placed on your main screen.
  2. If you will be using the app a lot, then you can move the icon to your main screen for quicker access:  highlight the icon, click your menu button, select “move to folder” then select “home”. The icon will then be on your main screen.
  3. You can also set the app to be activated by one of the “convenience keys” on the side of your BlackBerry. Click your wrench/options…choose “Screen/Keyboard” then scroll down to the section dealing with the convenience keys. If you have OS 6, click your wrench/options…click “Device”…then click “Convenience Key”
  4. To run the app click on the icon and follow any instructions that the app may provide. It´s a good habit to click on the Blackberry Menu button once an app is open to see what, if any, menu items the developer may have added, such as help or support, or a way to contact the developer.
  5. If the app does not work, it is possible that you did not accept the “permissions” required to operate the app. You can set the permissions to “allow”  after you have installed the app as follows:
  • For Operating System 4.6 and higher..but not 5.0: Click on your wrench/options…choose “Advanced Options”…then choose “applications”…highlight the name of the app…click your “menu” button…choose “edit permissions”…then change all the permissions to “Allow”
  • For Operating System 5.0: Click on your wrench/options…choose “applications”…highlight the name of the app…click your “menu” button…choose “edit permissions”…then change all the permissions to “Allow”.
  • For Operating System 6.0: Click your wrench/options…choose “Device”…choose “Application Management”…highlight the name of the app…click your “menu” button…choose “edit permissions”…then change all the permissions to “Allow”

If you  are still having  problems with any app you purchase then you should check if  the developer’s web site  has any on-line support such as a FAQ page or a Knowledge Base that you can review.

If you can not find this information then you should contact the developer´s support group by email. When contacting the developer you should try to be specific about what the problem is, what model BlacBerry you have, what level Operating System you have, and where you bought the app from.

Two Great New Features In The BlackBerry Browser With OS 6.0

When you are on a web page on your BlackBerry Browser in Operating System 6.0 you will notice two new icons on the top right of the window, a Globe and a Tab (the one that looks like two sheets of paper over each other). These are two great tools that are now part of the new BlackBerry Browser.

  1. The Globe is a quick link to many browser tools, such as Bookmarks , Subscribe to RSS feeds, Send Page Address. With one click you get access to the most commonly used tools.
  2. The Tabs are like what is in most computer based browsers. Click on the Tabs icon and you can quickly and easily set up tabs, remove tabs, and switch between tabs.  Once you create tabs a number will appear over the Tab icon, telling you how many tabs you have set up. This is great tool for quick switching  between web sites.

Do you have any tips for the new BlackBerry Browser in OS 6? Leave them as a comment and we will publish the best of them.

How To Back Up Your BlackBerry Messanger Contacts

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is a fantastic application that most BlackBerry user take advantage of. It’s faster and easier then sending emails or text messages. I have set up many contacts and groups in my BBM…losing this info would be a headache to replace. Fortunately BBM does provide you with a few ways to back up and restore your BBM information, which can includes your contact lists, profile settings, and group membership. Here’s how:

  1. Open your BBM and click your Menu button, and select “Options” then scroll down to the section that deals with  “Back Up Contact List” or “Back Up Management”;
  2. You can choose to “Back Up Files Remotely”….. here you will be asked to input (or confirm) the email addresses associated with your BlackBerry. Your contact list and changes to that list will be saved automatically as well as your BBM profile settings and any BBM Group memberships you have;
  3. You can also choose to “Back Up Files Locally”…this will save your contact list, profile settings and information on your BBM Group memberships on either the local device memory or any Micro SD (media)  card you have in your BlackBerry;

I suggest you work through this simple tip and set up your BBM to back up your important BBM data remotely. This way if you have to replace your BlackBerry, or do an operating system upgrade,  or wipe your data from your Blackberry,  you will quickly  get your BBM up and working again with minimal effort. If you do not see this option for remote backup in your BBM then you need to download the latest version of BBM from this link:

Are you a BBM user? Let us know if you have any great BBM tips that we can pass on to our readers.

How To Add Photos Links For Your Favourite Contacts To Your BlackBerry Home Screen Using Operating System 6.O

We are finding some great new features in the  BlackBerry Operating System 6.0.

You can easily add photo links to your favorite contacts directly to your Home screen for easy access. This works best if the  contacts you choose already have pictures set up for them.

  1. Open your Contacts folder and search for the contact you want to add to your Home screen;
  2. Click the BlackBerry Menu button and select “Add To Home Screen”.
  3. The contact, with it’s picture, will now appear on your Home screen.
  4. On your Home screen, put the cursor on the picture for the contact, press your BlackBerry Menu button,   all the ways to reach that contact will be in the menu list for you to choose from.

I use this feature a lot. I have a group of people I contact all the time, and this tool  makes it simple for me to choose how I want to contact these people. I also love having pictures of my favorite contacts right on my main screen…it is a great way to personalize my BlackBerry  and it provides great functionality as well

Please leave a comment to let me know if you have tried this function and what you think about it.

Have any other OS 6.0 tips? Let us know be leaving a comment, and we will publish the best.


2010 BlackBerry® Super App Developer Challenge

Research In Motion and the BlackBerry Partners FundTM have sponsored the 2010 BlackBerry® Super App Developer Challenge with $1.5 million in prizes.
We entered 6 of our apps into this contest:

1. WeatherTrax;
2. Not While Driving;
3. ASAP;
4. One Touch Translate;
5. LinXit (not yet released); and
6. Keeper (not yet released).

We are happy to report that all 6 of our apps were chosen as Regional Selections and have moved on to the next round in this Challenge. Here is a link to the list of all the Regional winners:

What makes an app Super?

1. The always on experience;
2. Highly contextualized;
3. Tight integration native apps;
4. Social and connected;
5.Proactive and notification-driven;
6. Efficient.

The next round of judging will be completed on November 1, 2010. We hope to move on in this contest…who couldn’t use $1.5 million in prizes!! Do you have an idea for a Super App? Let us know by leaving a comment.


See How Easily You Can Change Your Blackberry® Email Signature

The other day I received an email that had a signature “Please excuse any spelling mistakes in this email, I am typing on my BlackBerry® and I have fat fingers”.  I thought that was a great idea and a very unique signature!

You can easily add anything you want to personalize your signature on your BlackBerry email, including getting rid of the standard wording “Sent from my BlackBerry”.

If you are NOT on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server:

  1. Log on to your telephone operator’s BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) site;
  2. Bring up the Email account screen. and select the email account that you want to modify the signature; Click the “Edit” button and then type whatever you want for your signature in the “Signature” field.
  3. Save your changes.

If you are on a Blackberry Enterprise Server:

  1. Open the email folder on your BlackBerry that you want to add / modify a signature;
  2. Click the BlackBerry Menu button and select “Options”, then select “General Options” or “Email Preferences”; Scroll down until you see the section that will allow you to change your Signature…make the changes you want;
  3. Press the Back / Escape key and save your changes.